Allevian Consulting

Allevian Consulting is an international, multidisciplinary consulting firm that consistently delivers meaningful results for local governments, state governments, hospitals, businesses, and nonprofits of all scopes and sizes. Through well-versed experience and deeply-rooted networks, clients have unparalleled access to effective resources that will foster success for their organizational goals. 

Business Advisory

From transforming an idea into a profitable business to expanding current operations, Allevian Consulting can assist with advancing the achievements of major milestones. From working with startups to Fortune 500s, we have gained valuable insight that not only guides our problem solving practices, but also our opportunity creating capabilities.

Grant Services

Allevian Consulting has played an instrumental role in securing over $100 million in grant funding for local and state governments, hospitals, businesses, and nonprofits. Leveraging vast experience involving practices surrounding identifying federal, state, and local programs that cover eligible costs relevant to our clients, pursuing those opportunities, and ensuring compliance after funds are awarded, our team champions a seamless, efficient experience for clients.

Program Management

Our team has facilitated grant administration for public and private programs ranging from $50,000 to $1.9+ billion. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we supply clients with individually-tailored strategies to promote optimal operations by proactively addressing improvement areas and implementing solutions to resolve limitations.

Stakeholder Engagement

Collaboration and coordination are two fundamental aspects of resilient, sustainable growth. Internal, external, or a blend of both, communication is vital to an organization's success and our team consistently engineers strong framework for a robust bridge across all stakeholders. 

Allevian Consulting